Age: 49.Where born: Elko, Nev.

Family: Wife, Laura; children, Danielle, twins Holly and Nichole.

Education: Bachelor's degree in marketing, Oregon State University, 1971.

Primary products: The complete line of Xerox products and services.

Primary markets: Utah, Idaho, western Wyoming, Montana, eastern Nevada.

Number of employees: 250.

Annual sales: $75 million.


First "real" job: Service station attendant, Wells, Nev.

Management style: Hands on, value employees, treat customers as partners. Service is what counts.

Strategy for success: Build a strong organization through focused employee training and building customer relationships. Have learned many lessons from customers and associates.

A memorable failure: I couldn't get into law school.

Heroes: Wife and John Wooden.

Leisure time and hobbies: Raising children to love life, fly fishing, skiing.

Favorite book and movie: Book, "Flight of the Intruders"; movie, "Lonesome Dove."