In the past few years, Cosy Sheridan has made quite a name for herself, charming audiences with her musical outlook on life. Whether the songs are poignant, humorous or encouraging, the Moab-based singer-songwriter manages to put her soul into her lyrics.

Her new album, "Grand Design," however, finds Sheridan at a crossroads. She's added a dash of "plugged-in" electric guitars on a couple of tracks - "Don't Go In the Water," "Masterpiece" and "The Little Train." Still, fans shouldn't be alarmed. The fuzz, most prominently found on "Don't Go into the Water," is there as a highlight, not a sound-stealer.Sheridan's voice still rings as clear as those spring-break skies in her hometown. And she and her backup band play with precision and feeling.

In the past, the songwriter has addressed relationships and, of all things, yeast infections. This time Sheridan touches on such haunting topics as child molestation ("Bad Cliche' ") and the Atlas Mine's uranium tailings pile on the Colorado River ("Don't Go into the Water").

"Grand Design" is Sheridan at her best.

Cosy Sheridan will perform with Chuck Pyle on Saturday, March 28, at the First Presbyterian Church, 12 N. C St., at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance at all Dan's Foods, Acoustic Music, Intermountain Guitar & Banjo and Local music. Tickets will also be available at the door for $17.