Q. How about a brief biography of actress Laura Innes, who plays Dr. Weaver on "ER." Is her cane a prop or does she actually have a bad leg? - T.M.T., Philadelphia, Pa.

A. Innes got her dramatic start in Chicago theater playing Stella opposite John Malkovitch's Mitch in "Street Car Named Desire" and originating the role of Glenna in David Mamet's "Edmund." She married actor David Brisbin in 1988 and, after the birth of their son, Cal, the family moved to L.A. Innes's first big TV exposure was on "Wings," as Lowell's ex-wife Bunny. She played Louie Anderson's wife in "Louie" about the same time she landed the "ER" role. The details of Dr. Weaver's disability have never been explained on the show, but it's strictly a dramatic device.Q. What was the name of the puppet Ted Baxter used to draw in the TV show "Too Close for Comfort"? - A.C., Buffalo, N.Y.

A. After he played newsman Ted Baxter on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," actor Ted Knight played kiddie cartoonist Henry Rush on "Too Close for Comfort." His hand puppet, the Cosmic Cow, was the inspiration for his comic strip. Knight starred in "Too Close," later renamed "The Ted Knight Show," until his death from a heart attack in 1986.

Q. What's happened to HBO's series "Oz"? In November they said they were filming new episodes but I haven't heard anything since then. - M.D., Panama City, Fla.

A. Production of season 2 of the CableACE-winning series began in late January and continues in New York. Eight new episodes of the prison drama will begin airing in July.

Q. I was a big "Charlie's Angels" fan. Who, in real life, was married to Andrew Stevens - Jaclyn Smith or Kate Jackson? - N.S.

A. Jackson married Stevens in 1979. During their yearlong union, they executive-produced and starred in a TV movie remake of "Topper." Jaclyn Smith was married to "Felony Squad's" Dennis Cole from 1978-81.

Q. Was a TV movie made of Dominick Dunne's "An Inconvenient Woman"? If so, who played Pauline Mendelson and Flo March? - M.W., Norristown, Pa.

A. The TV movie based on the Dunne novel debuted on ABC in 1991. Jill Eikenberry portrayed Pauline and Rebecca De Mornay was Flo. It is rerun occasionally on Lifetime cable.

Q. I was watching "Frasier" and wondering if Peri Gilpin (Roz) is really pregnant? - S.C., Las Vegas

A. Radio producer Roz's pregnancy is a creation of "Frasier" writers. Gilpin is not pregnant.

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