HAVANA - A collision between two foreign-registered oil tankers on Cuba's northern coast has spilled heavy crude oil into a bay, soiling the coastline and damaging the environment, Cuban authorities said Friday.

Northern Ireland

BELFAST - Masked gunmen shot and killed a former policeman outside a supermarket late Friday, the most serious violent incident to strike Northern Ireland as negotiators seek a solution to the province's political divisions.


LUANDA - Angola's state news agency said former UNITA rebels attacked a town in central Benguela province early Friday, killing a provincial government official.


PARIS - The Mona Lisa is to have a room of her own in the Louvre, courtesy of a Japanese television network, the museum's director said Friday.

PARIS - A suspect in several rapes and murders in Paris was charged with two more killings Friday after confessing to them earlier in the day. The man was arrested Thursday and charged with three rapes and murders and an attempted killing.


LONDON - A British bookmaker closed betting on the chaos the "millennium bug" could cause after punters reacted to warnings that some computer problems in the year 2000 could not be avoided.


BRASILIA - Two leaders of Brazil's radical Landless Movement were shot and killed in the Amazonian state of Para as they helped evacuate rural workers who had occupied a farm, an official of the movement said Friday.


WARSAW - Jewish religious leaders in Poland called Friday for the removal of a large wooden cross that overlooks Auschwitz, a Polish news agency reported.


ASSISI - A recent earthquake that rocked the hill town of Assisi opened fresh cracks in the belltower and vaulted ceiling of the pink-and-white marbled St. Clare's Basilica, a report said Friday.


NAIROBI - A human rights group called for the withdrawal of U.N. teams investigating alleged massacres in Congo and urged the U.N. chief to hold President Laurent Kabila accountable for obstructions.


TOKYO - A man who claimed he was avenging victims of an HIV-tainted blood scandal attacked a professor who was in charge of Japan's anti-AIDS policy in the 1980s, police said Friday.


WILLEMSTAD - The Netherlands Antilles coast guard has called off its search for a Virginia woman missing from a cruise ship, but the cruise line agreed Friday to hire a boat to keep looking.


ANKARA - Top generals wel-comed the government's efforts to curb the spread of Islam in Turkey's secular society Friday but urged officials to act even more quickly on the issue.


KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia's police chief threatened on Saturday to use a draconian security law against "troublemakers" in Penang state following clashes between Hindus and Moslems.


MEXICO CITY - A former Mexican police chief was arrested Friday and held on charges of being on the payroll of the feared Arellano Felix drug gang, local media reported.