Society is failing apart.

The problem lies partially in our collective penchant for overdoses of violent entertainment by the likes of Bruce Willis and Jean Claude van Damme, sprinkled with the harlotry of Demi Moore. Such violence and infidelity encourage the few to be deviant and require the many to spend an inordinate amount of time defending themselves.The problem is compounded as we worship at the altar of anti-family shows, such as the "Simpsons" and "Married with Children." The sanctity of and protection provided by the family, the most effective way to reduce the inclination to societal degradation, is further invaded by paragons of indecency such as Dennis Rodman and Madonna.

What do otherwise honest citizens do if even their government will not defend their inalienable rights? Frederic Bastiat taught that if laws are immoral, we are faced with the paradox of living either illegal or immoral lives, but not both.

More and more Americans act as though rules are made to be broken, led by a federal government that feels little need to remain within the bounds set by its governing document. We have been cowed into publicly professing that the tumultuous screams of this adulterous minority should win the day simply because we do not dare offend those around us with the truth.

Many daily sniff their noses at God because public people have convinced so many that it is not proper to invite God into our public places. The resultant cloud of anxiety envelops America as a strait-jacket as we watch society devolve further into chaos.The ever-increasing and ever-more-frequent quagmires in which we entangle ourselves beg a divine solution, but we collectively turn away.

A nation that forgets God, that he is the maker and the giver of all, will surely reap the whirlwind. A nation that forbids the public worship of Jesus Christ is qualifying itself for a visit from that whirlwind.

It is our responsibility to be as organized in defending truth as are they who fawn at the feet of error. Fear does not become us in the battle for liberty.

Frank Staheli