Unisys Corp. and Lockheed Martin Corp. will pay the federal government $3.15 million for selling the Commerce Department spare parts for a weather radar system at inflated prices, the Justice Department said Thursday.

Federal officials say Unisys knew it paid Concurrent Computer Corp. more than the parts were worth and then passed on the bloated prices to the government. Unisys allegedly got discounts from Concurrent on other items in exchange for paying the inflated prices.The spare parts were for the NEXRAD Doppler Radar System, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uses to monitor weather. Lockheed Martin succeeded Unisys on its contract with Commerce for the NEXRAD system.

The government sued Concurrent in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., last December, claiming the company violated the False Claims Act. The lawsuit alleges Concurrent told the government it does not discount spare parts even though it had done so for Unisys.