More than 150 residents showed up Thursday at an introductory meeting to launch the update to the city's general plan.

Led by city planner Andy Hill, the volunteers were organized into seven committees, each representing an element of the general plan and each led by a member of the city Planning Commission.Hill said the committee process could take as long as a year. Planning Commissioner Norm Finlinson invited frank discussion among the committee members, who will meet at least every six weeks. They will look at Payson's past, the present and the city's future. The new general plan will guide growth and development of Payson through 2020.

The updated general plan will consider historic preservation, economic development and the local economy, public services and facilities, the environment, transportation and roads and a land use plan that Hill said would pull the entire document together.

Hill said traffic and roads are becoming a major issue as Payson grows. All major roads through the town are state roads, which need to be considered during planning.

The city also plans to continue the practice of charging impact fees for new development. Hill said new growth needs to offset costs and pay a one-time catch-up fee over what taxpayers are already paying.

Once the committees turn in their data, which could include polling residents on how they would like to see the city develop, the Planning Commission and City Council will hold hearings and complete the update.