Few things are as predictable as a sunrise or a solar eclipse, but some come pretty close. One example is the likelihood of a vicious attack by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance on any entity attempting to educate the public about the dark side of The Redrock Wilderness Act and how it will close traditional public land access to most current users.

They're like junkyard dogs, attacking anything that takes a step on their turf. When the Utah Association of Counties produced a brochure exposing a plethora of deceptions in just one little piece of SUWA propaganda, they were condemned for using "taxpayer funds."When the Off-Highway Vehicle Advisory Council sent out a letter designed to encourage registered owners to participate in the wilderness designation process, SUWA leadership again angrily de-nounced the use of "state resources" for such purposes in all the media.

As is the case of most pronouncements that emanate from SUWA's public relations machine, these claims are deceptive. The cost of the OHV letter was paid by OHV registration fees and gas tax rebates. This program was created for the benefit of ORV users, who, by the way, are the only class of recreational public land users who pay annual registration fees on their equipment.

Since SUWA is so concerned about funding sources for the various factions in the wilderness debate, perhaps they should take stock of their own situation and look up the word "hypocrisy" in any handy dictionary. Because they are a 501 tax exempt "educational" organization, the taxpayers of America, which means all of us, are subsidizing their propaganda mill. One might also wonder how they are able to maintain this favored status since their activities are directed primarily toward litigation and influencing legislation.

Rainer Huck, president

Utah Trail Machine Association

Salt Lake City