"The smile," Victor Borge says, "is the shortest distance between people."

Musician/comedian Borge applies his own sagacity, famously. He has built a career out of laughing at music, himself and life in general, and Utah audiences will again experience his schtick first-hand on Monday.Borge will perform with the Utah Symphony in Abravanel Hall. The single-night concert has been sold out for over a month.

"People are really excited about

it," said Utah Symphony spokeswoman Katie Sadler. "A lot of people are really familiar with him. He's very popular (and) a lot of fun."

Originally from Denmark, Borge has lived in the United States for more than 50 years and has performed innumerable concerts in opera houses, sports arenas, Broadway and even the White House. He is also a frequent visitor to Salt Lake City.

Borge has starred in numerous television and radio specials and a number of records and videotapes (one, "The Best of Victor Borge," has sold 2,600,000 copies).

Probably Borge's most famous invention is "Phonetic Punctuation" in which he sounds out commas, periods and question marks with clicks and whoops as he reads a story.

Borge has a well-known habit of having a nice piano brought onstage and then, after elaborate preparation, not playing it. When he does finally get around to it, however, his virtuosity may surprise you.

"There is more to Borge's piano playing than he allows us to hear," said violinist and conductor Henri Temianka.