Gaslight District is a band with a heck of a lot of drive. The band has performed at pretty much every club in the Salt Lake area, and we're certainly not the first to write about them. Comprised of founding members Lance Lee, Steve Murdock and Myndie Anjuli , Gaslight has recently come to the forefront of the local music scene.

Let's talk about what they're not, before we delve into our review. They are not bad musicians. They are not poorly put together. They are not shy, by any means. They are not jazz, funk, blues, rock, gospel, soul, reggae, ska, rap, opera or any definable genre of music. As far as we can tell, they are not completely under the domination of lead singer Myndie, although this is debatable. They are not dull.Now let's talk about what they are without bringing up music. They are all really nice. They are courteous and fun to talk to. They are shrewd business people. They are also a darn cute trio.

Now let's get down to business and talk music.

L: Myndie has a wonderful voice, she truly does. Her range is broad and she is capable of singing some really difficult runs. Myndie also has the ability to genuinely feel her music, and she becomes so physically involved with the songs that the performance becomes almost, um, well, how shall I put this? RAW!

J: Myndie's voice sounds as soothing as warm honey in a cup of tea on a cold day; she can also grind that thing like so many French roast coffee beans. I love listening to her - she is truly a great vocalist. I've also met and spoken with her, and she is personable, sweet and awfully endearing. The thing is, I can't stand to watch her. She is overly physical on stage, and it undermines her musical performance. When we saw her this week at the Zephyr, she mentioned that "they" (you know, the mythical "they"), told her not to be so dynamic. Myndie, honey, what "they" meant was don't be so obnoxious.

The boys in the band are all extremely understated beings. They make a great backdrop for the vivacious and sexually charged singer. And hey, they're pretty tight as musicians. Their music is inventive and not easily forgotten.

We don't want to offend any band members, lest some drunken musicians, unhappy with our review, accost us in a bar (true story, folks). Let's just say that if Gaslight District were going to be released nationwide this weekend, and we were Siskel and Ebert, we would probably give them a hesitant two thumbs up. Despite our feeling that they could improve, Gaslight District is worth seeing, or, should we say, experiencing.