Tissue Easter baskets

Nothing could be cheaper than to make an Easter basket out of than a roll of toilet paper. Think I'm crazy? Read on. This is so simple you'll want to do it every year. It is also a wonderful project for an Easter party or to make and give to your neighbors.Easter bunnies made from rolls of toilet tissue: Easy, fun Easter baskets can be made using a roll of toilet tissue. Use a magic marker to draw a face on the roll of paper. Eyes are easy to do if you think of them as two printed capital "D's" turned on their sides. Use black to outline the eyes, add three curved lines to the outside of the eyes for eyelashes, and paint blue pupils inside the eyes. Two black dots can be a nose. The mouth is simple if you think of it as two capital "U's" joined together. If you want cheeks, draw or paint them on with red or pink magic markers, make-up or crayons.

A duck's beak and a pair of feet can be cut from orange construction paper. Cut out the shapes and glue them into place on the roll of paper. Feet for bunnies (with three toes) and bunny ears can be cut from pink or blue construction paper. Use a sponge to outline them with dabs of white paint to create the appearance of fur. To place the ears on the bunny baskets, spread the paper with your thumb and forefinger and push the ears into the opening and then let the paper snap back into place.

Decorate the baskets by putting small flowers or pompons on the heads of the animal baskets. It's fun to put a miniature hat on a duck basket intended for a little boy. Most important of all, to complete the basket, put artificial grass in the opening in the roll of toilet paper and push Easter eggs down into the grass.