White House personnel chief Marsha Scott testified before a federal grand jury Thursday, indicating that prosecutors are focusing for a second straight day on Monica Lewinsky's jobs in the Clinton administration.

Scott's appearance, her second, follows testimony Wednesday by another personnel aide, Jodie Torkelson. Torkelson wrote a memo in 1996, when Lewinsky was transferred to the Pentagon, demanding to be notified if the former intern sought another White House job.Prosecutors, investigating an alleged presidential affair with Lewinsky and a possible cover-up, have at various times focused on why Lewinsky was transferred out of the White House in April 1996.

In January, the grand jury heard from former White House deputy chief of staff Evelyn Lieberman. Current and former White House officials have said that Lieberman wanted Lewinsky transferred because of "inappropriate and immature behavior."

Other past witnesses have included former White House aides Timothy Keating and Patsy Thomasson. Keating had hired Lewinsky to work in the White House correspondence section after her unpaid internship and said she was "transferred because of dissatisfaction with her performance . . . ."

Thomasson said she gave the grand jury "the facts about her placement" at the Pentagon after she was forced out of the White House.

On Wednesday, Marcia Lewis, Lewinsky's mother, failed in an effort to be excused from any further appearances before the federal grand jury and remains subject to a subpoena that requires her to testify about her daughter's alleged relationship with the president.