Two "pipe-bomb" incidents kept the Salt Lake police bomb squad busy Tuesday night.

But the four devices found in both incidents were determined to not be working pipe bombs, and nobody was injured during their removal.- The first object was reported by a man walking behind his house, 2241 E. Evergreen Ave. (3435 South), about 5 p.m., said Salt Lake County Lt. Jay Southam. Alarmed by what appeared to be a pipe bomb, the man called police.

However, bomb squad members determined the device was just a cardboard paper towel roll full of gun powder, which someone must have discarded in a wooded area behind the property, Southam said.

"The most it would have done is start a fire if anybody had lit it," Southam said. "It was almost like somebody was trying to make a big firecracker and didn't know how to finish it."

Police do not know who is responsible for the device.

- About 8 p.m., people cleaning the house of recently deceased residents reported finding three suspicious pipes inside an old camper at 4715 W. 5015 South, Southam said.

Bomb squad members blew off the pipes' end caps to render them inert but did not find any explosive material inside.

"They are just going to classify them as suspicious objects and dispose of them," Southam said.

During the investigation, a neighboring home was evacuated for about 45 minutes.