"Ray of Light" is the best Madonna album in her 15-year recording career.

There is a sense of maturity, confidence and insight here that is absent from even her more philosophical works - "Like a Prayer" and her collection of ballads called "Bedtime Stories."In "Ray of Light," the so-called musical chameleon has managed to weld the ambient sounds of electronica with dance and pop. All this is done without losing her vocals in the now cliche' distorted runs that are found in all the rave-machines in the world.

The only foreseen problem is the techno purists' complaints that Madonna is commercializing the music style. But that's what this woman's all about - commercialism. And she manages to pull this one off without making a mockery of the music.

In fact, there is almost a reverence in the songs on this album. There is nothing that takes away from the mystical ambience of the music. There are no shock-value vulgarities or double entendres, either.

The singer's vocals are clean and surreal. The music is intensely dreamy, which gives great fodder for the single (and video), "Frozen."

The gothicness is a welcome format for the singer's creativity. She even stretches her vocal prowess on "Ray of Light" and echoes around with "Nothing Really Matters."

It will be interesting to see what this media-savvy artist has up her sleeve for the next project, but until that time comes, "Ray of Light" will be a regular spin on old and new fans' disc players.