Monica Lewinsky's mother failed in an attempt Wednesday to avoid further questioning by a federal grand jury investigating allegations of a presidential affair and cover-up.

After a two-hour closed hearing before presiding Judge Norma Hol-lo-way Johnson, Marcia Lewis' attorney told reporters that Le-win-sky's mother will continue to be a witness in the case.Without giving any details of the arguments at the U.S. Courthouse, attorney Billy Martin said that "Marcia Lewis walked into the courthouse as a witness. . . . She remains a witness."

Martin said Lewis has "loving support of her daughter, Monica, and would look forward to making a statement" when her testimony is completed.

It was not clear whether Lewis resumed her questioning before the panel. Martin spoke to reporters during a midday lunch break.

Lewis had taken sick during an appearance before Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr's grand jury some six weeks ago.