The City Council has authorized another $117,500 to expand the Layton Heritage Museum, in what turned out to be a masterful compromise between the Layton Arts Council and the city's museum board.

Total cost of the museum expansion is expected to be $575,000.The museum, located south of City Hall on Wasatch Drive, will have expanded display and storage space. Part of its expansion will also benefit the adjacent Kenley Centennial Amphitheater.

For example, some new restrooms will be used in the summer only for concertgoers.

The city has also learned that the museum expansion will have a visual connection to the Commons Park. Some of the block used in the museum expansion will be the same as existing blocks in the amphitheater.

Also, the architect of the project said when completed, the museum's back side won't look like the back of a building. It will be very visually enhanced.