In an effort to decrease confusion for visitors to the city, the Woods Cross City Council officially named the city's two parks. Both had been known as Woods Cross Park.

Councilwoman Eva Webster originally asked the council to name the parks six months ago, but the issue was tabled until March 18.Webster said the parks needed better labeling, especially the park on 1500 South. That park, located behind city hall, centers around the Hogan cabin, a historic landmark being documented in a soon-to-be published book.

"This area is becoming more known to visitors, but it is hard for visitors to know where to look," Webster said.

Naming the park stimulated a short but spirited discussion. Some council members wanted to name it South Bountiful Park, a nod to the original name of Woods Cross.

Council member Ted Cahoon said that naming the park South Bountiful would demonstrate the council's "respect for our heritage and posterity." Other members of the council, as well as members of the audience, objected to refering to a neighboring city.

Eventually, the council decided on Hogan Memorial Park. The other park, located along 1200 West, was named Mills Park.