Responding to several articles I've recently read in your newspaper, there seems to be a misconception that 70 percent of students in our schools cannot read up to grade level. I cannot imagine where these people get their figures.

Do they go to school every day and watch and listen? I don't think so, because if they did, they would see most students reading with feeling, understanding and then discussing issues relevant to us all. What grade level are these people holding as a standard?I go to school every day and have for 25 years. And there, I see this amazing thing occur with 9-year-old children. Yes, there are some students who have difficulty learning to read. They have physical problems such as ADHD and dyslexia.

These children all get extra help at our school with results that show growth. There seems to be a growing effort to defeat the work our public schools perform every day. When the public school system is defeated, then we will be like the nations of the world where only the children of the rich are educated.

I wonder what will happen to a form of government that requires that the common people can read and understand that freedom is an exercise of intelligence?

Barbara J. Manfull