Which separate type of freezer is better for a growing family? Chest or upright?

According to Sears Kenmore appliance guide, it's a matter of personal preference.Upright freezers provide convenient front-door loading and have shelves for easy access to frozen foods. They take up less space than chests and are often the choice when the freezer will be placed in the kitchen.

Chest freezers generally cost less than uprights and are less expensive to operate. (Less cold air escapes when a chest freezer lid is lifted, compared to an open upright freezer.

Most chest freezers have pull-out baskets to make it easier to store food. This was an old complaint about chest freezers; their owners would practically have to stand on their heads while rummaging in the bottom for packages.

Be sure to check a freezer's EnergyGuide label to compare its energy efficiency with other models.