Fishmonger John Hogg will never feel quite the same about dead fish after being confronted by a gigantic, enraged conger eel that apparently rose from the grave.

Hogg had been quietly sorting through the boxes of catch early Friday when the enormous, sharklike creature reared up, snapping its razor-like teeth inches from the terrified fishmonger's face."For a moment I thought I was a goner. It was so big and powerful," said Hogg, who first tried to battle the monster with a broom.

But he soon realized he had no hope of overpowering the six-foot-long eel, which weighed around 150 pounds and abandoned his shop for 11 hours until he was quite sure it was dead.

"By the end of the day, it will all be cut up and sold. It's like a bony cod steak but it's an acquired taste, and I'll be trying some of this one," Hogg said.