DAMASCUS - Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi will visit Syria on Saturday to discuss regional developments including Israel's conditional offer to withdraw from south Lebanon, diplomats said.


NAIROBI - Kenyan police and university students fought pitched battles Monday in the capital's worst violence since civic unrest ahead of elections last year. Witnesses said one policeman and a local reporter were injured.


TOKYO - Public support for the Japanese Cabinet has slipped to its lowest level since current Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto took office in January 1996, an opinion poll showed.


JAKARTA - The leader of a 20 million strong Indonesian Islamic group said on Monday recent government moves to contain student protests, arrest dissidents and question a leading businessman were signs of growing paranoia.

JAKARTA - Thousands of residents of the Indonesian city of Samarinda have fallen ill because of thick smoke from forest fires in East Kalimantan province, the official Antara news agency reported.


NEW DELHI - A key member of India's opposition United Front alliance broke away, improving the prospects of the new Hindu nationalist-led government in a knife-edge confidence vote later this week.


CAIRO - Tourism Minister Mamdouh el-Beltagi has said he hoped a tight security plan put in place after the Luxor massacre would bring back visitors to Egypt.


PHNOM PENH - Many Cambodians on Monday welcomed the news that ousted co-premier Prince Norodom Rana-riddh would return to Cam-bodia next week, with some saying a July election would not be free without his participation.


SIDON - Israeli warplanes on Monday rocketed suspected pro-Iranian Hezbollah targets in south Lebanon in a series of air raids, a Lebanese security source said. The source said two planes fired a total of four rockets into the Mazraat Iqmata area.


STOCKHOLM - A 104-year-old Swedish man ran red lights, smashed into parked cars and mounted the curb during an outing in his 1968 gray Ford Cortina, Swedish newspapers reported.


TAIPEI - A man splashed gas in a plane over Taiwan and tried to set it alight in what police said was an apparent suicide bid. The plane, carrying 20 people including the crew, was forced to land at Taichung in central Taiwan, but no injuries were reported.


TOFINO - A whale-watching boat capsized in rough seas off Vancouver Island, killing two of its four passengers.


ALGIERS - The trial of 12 alleged Muslim activists charged with the 1996 killing of killing a French Roman Catholic bishop in the Algerian port of Oran has opened.


KABUL - The Taliban movement publicly executed two men convicted of sodomy in western Afghanistan as part of their Islamic law policy, the official radio said on Monday.


KIEL - The opposition Social Democrats made major gains in a northern state, dealing Chancellor Helmut Kohl his second election-year setback in less than a month.