On the eve of Hollywood's biggest night, the Golden Raspberry Foundation picked Kevin Costner's box office bomb "The Postman" as the worst movie of 1997.

Costner also took the Razzie Award for worst director and actor in "The Postman" and the movie got the group's Bronx cheer for worst screenplay. The film's entire song score got the worst song trophy.Foundation president John Wilson said "The Postman" had the "dis-stink-tion" of being the first movie ever to take every Razzie Award for which it was nominated. But it wasn't alone in its sweep.

Also winning in every category it was nominated was "Double Team," starring Muscles from Brussels actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and neon-haired basketball star Dennis Rodman. Three of the "Double Team" wins went to Rodman himself: worst supporting actor, worst screen couple (with Van Damme) and worst new star, despite stiff competition in that category with Tori Spelling and Howard Stern.

Winners for the 18th annual spoof of the Academy Awards were announced in an irreverent ceremony Sunday, the day before the Academy Awards.

Winners never show up to collect the gold-painted, golf-ball sized plastic raspberry atop a film canister. Wilson said it's worth about $2.29.

Worst actress dis-honors went to Demi Moore for her portrayal of a shave-headed Navy SEAL in "G.I. Jane" and worst supporting actress was Alicia Silverstone for her rubber-suited Batgirl role in "Batman & Robin."

The newest Razzie Award category - worst reckless disregard for human life and public property - was won by "Con Air."

Razzie winners were picked by 487 Foundation members, who are industry workers, journalists and moviegoers throughout 35 U.S. states and eight foreign countries.

The voters even gave thumbs downs to Hollywood's big-budget ocean liner disaster. No, not THAT shipboard disaster.

"Speed 2: Cruise Control" was deemed the worst remake or sequel for 1997.