* Winner: What are the odds of three sisters giving birth the same day? Sisters Jennifer, Karralee and Marrianne, daughters of Ernie and Lynn Carey of American Fork, each delivered on March 11. Karalee, the oldest daughter and married to Sam Morgan, delivered Cameron Scott at 7:18 a.m. at American Fork Hospital. Marianne, the second oldest daughter and married to Dale Asay, gave birth to Dallin at 3:25 p.m. in the same hospital. That was followed in the evening by youngest daughter Jennifer, married to Lynn Hone, delivering Sera McKell at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem at 8:58 p.m.

Not many families have days like that. With so many common birthday parties, friends and relatives are sure to have a lot of opportunities to sample different kinds of cake and ice cream in years to come.Loser: Erik Alberich, 30, of Boston, Mass., a thrill seeker, got that plus two broken legs when he decided to jump off the 300 foot I-70 bridge in Eagle Canyon, Emery County, last Sunday. He used a parachute, of course. Unfortunately, he grabbed just one of two steering toggles on his specially modified parachute, which caused him to veer to the right and slam feet-first into the canyon wall at 35 mph, breaking his legs and crushing both heels. He could have been killed. From his hospital bed Alberich made a wise decision - he's not going to seek those kinds of thrills any more.

* Winner: People who were worried about planning fall parties for October of 2028 can plan away. That asteroid that was going to come so close to Earth that it might hit is no longer a threat. After original calculations projected the milewide asteroid would come within 30,000 miles of the third rock from the sun, figures released a day later by astronomers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory show it won't come closer than 600,000 miles from Earth. So what's a little miscalculation? We've all had days like that in math class.

Loser: A fire at a strip mall in Midlothia, Va., not only destroyed a bridal shop, it left hundreds of brides-to-be without gowns just weeks before their big day. A total of 3,000 wedding dresses were incinerated. Brides-to-be typically order their wedding gowns up to five months in advance to leave time for all the alterations and other work that orders require. So, for many it may have to be something borrowed while feeling blue.