Where there was a door there now is a forbidding wall. And outside the office where the classified documents were pilfered, a uniformed guard sits, keeping an eye on whoever walks by.

Access to the area where Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and her top deputies work is being restricted. The cameras that secretly record foot traffic will retain their surveillance tapes past the three days they are now kept.The reason: In early February, a man wearing a brown tweed jacket walked into the office six doors down from Albright's suite and - with two secretaries looking on - walked out with a pouch containing the documents.

The FBI and the State Department's security service are still trying to find out who he was and what happened to the documents.

In the meantime, security is being stepped up, reversing some of the access Albright's predecessor, Warren Christopher, encouraged so junior foreign service officers would feel comfortable with their bosses.