Global warming is catching up to us. I don't understand why people can't help save the ozone.

We are all contributing to global warming. It seems like the climate is drastically changing. Is there evidence suggesting that there is human influence on the global climate? Are we altering what natural global warming may be occurring? If only the population could leave their cars to rust in their driveway, maybe drive 2 percent less a day, or even motor pool. Driving with someone else to or from work/school won't kill you, or will it? Or, if homeowners could realize that they could substitute the fluorescent bulbs for incandescent bulbs, then maybe the ozone layer could be saved. Who invented the aerosol can anyway? Why can't people use pump spray; it works the same way. These savings could prevent the amount of acid rain and the amount of greenhouse gases from being released.A little knowledge could save a considerable amount of money. People have no clue about the amount of energy they can save with proper lighting. Everyone who flicks a light switch could change to lamps, or other types of fixtures that use less electricity.

We are being heavily impacted by climatic variation. Tropical storms might tend to become more intense because of the human-caused increase of carbon dioxide. Which, by the way, we breathe in every day. How much longer can we stand by and watch our demise?

It's certain that this global warming will continue. The severe impacts from a changed climate depend on resolving uncertainties in the climate system. Why can't we help prevent this change in climate by cutting in half some of the things we take for granted and save our planet from this devastation?

Melissa Romero

Salt Lake City