A cardiologist at London's top children's hospital was found guilty of serious professional misconduct Friday following an operation that resulted in the death of a 6-year-old girl.

Britain's General Medical Council suspended Dr. James Taylor from practicing for six months, following the operation carried out without the consent of the girl's parents.The council heard how a balloon catheter burst inside the girl, Debbie Jenkins, blocking an artery and cutting off blood to her brain.

Taylor carried out the operation at Great Ormond Street hospital in July 1995 despite failing in his attempts to contact the girl's mother for permission to proceed.

Debbie, one of four children of Ross and Carolyn Jenkins, was in the hospital for treatment for a congenital heart defect, which had already led to her undergoing two open heart operations.

Lawyer Graham Peat, who represented her parents at the hearing, told BBC television afterward that they were likely to sue the hospital.

"They are extremely pleased with the result. They feel their position has been vindicated. I think it is probably inevitable that they will now issue proceedings against Great Ormond Street," he said.