It seems amazing to me that when we (as reflected in the media) talk about the incredibly unusual whether patterns of the last year that we ascribe it to "El Nino."

Sure, there is such a thing as "El Nino," but just because we can observe to a certain extent the scientific reasons behind these whether anomalies does not mean that God is not in charge of things. He is the one calling the shots on the weather, not "El Nino."In other words, rather than make "El Nino" the bad guy, why don't we take a good hard look at ourselves and ask why these things are coming upon us.

As part of God's ways, certainly some of our extreme weather is a result of general choices we have made as to how we (mis)-treat our Mother Earth. Other reasons can be linked to our state of general wickedness.

Let's take accountability here and call upon ourselves to repent.

Sterling D. Allan