Big "D" will be the site of a big decision Monday. NBA owners will meet at the Dallas- agreement with the players association. The Dallas Morning News reported that the league's labor relations committee, which was appointed by NBA commissioner David Stern, strongly recommends that the owners exercise their option and reopen talks with the players. Only time will tell if it leads to a work stoppage when the current agreement expires on July 1 . . . Bulls guard Steve Kerr refused his 5-year-old son Nicholas' request to name the family's new baby after Michael Jordan. "I told him it was fine if he wants to idolize Michael and pretend to be him on the hoop in the basement," Kerr said. "But we're not naming our child after him." He and wife Margot settled on the name Matthew Malcolm Kerr . . . The Dallas Mavericks were officially eliminated from NBA playoff contention last week. It marks the eighth straight year without postseason play for the Mavs, the longest active streak in the league . . . Sixers pivotman Theo Ratliff has taken quite a ride on the inflation train. Before being traded to Philadelphia, Ratliff had asked the Pistons for a contract package worth $28 million. Detroit said no. His new team, however, may offer him as much as $50 million to sign on the dotted line . . . Cedric Ceballos says the Suns are upset that head coach Danny Ainge traded him to Dallas for Dennis Scott in February. Ceballos, who is sidelined with a knee injury for the rest of the regular season, said he hears the situation in Phoenix is really tense . . . In the wake of Clyde Drexler's hiring as head coach, Moses Malone Jr. has reportedly asked the University of Houston to release him from his letter-of-intent committment . . . The Clippers are tossing around four options concerning their future: Moving to the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim; sharing a new arena with the neighboring Lakers; staying at the aging L.A. Sports Arena; or moving out of the area altogether. No word if the CBA is a possibility . . . Injured Miami forward Jamal Mashburn hopes to return for the playoffs. He recently had pins removed from his broken thumb . . . Nets coach John Calipari is denying reports he'll opt out of his contract after next season. A New York newspaper suggested that Calipari is upset that several NBA coaches now make more than his $3 million annual salary . . . Celtics coach Rick Pitino refutes reports he asked center Pervis Ellison to retire. Should it happen, however, Boston would have an additional $5 million in salary cap room.