Q: Why do you think the Heat are such a good road team?

A: We're trying to figure that out. I guess we concentrate more on the road, no distractions, better rest, I guess.

Q: Does (Miami coach Pat) Riley put a special emphasis on that or is it just something that just happened this season?

A: It just happened during the course of the season. We had a better road record than home record last year, too. We don't know why this is happening.

Q: Is Miami capable of beating the Bulls in the playoffs? If so, what's different from last year?

A: What's different from last year is we'll be more committed. We understand our mistakes better than last year. We can't turn the ball over, we've got to make the shots, we've got to run our offense to perfection. We can't give up easy shots or let Ron Harper or Toni Kukoc or those complementary guys who come off the bench hurt us either. That's the difference. We just have to go in there, be more intense and ready to play in all situations and not let them get the buckets.

Q: Why do you appear to be a more effective player than ever, even though you're not as quick as you used to be?

A: I understand the game. You know, you just can't do it all right now, you've got to pick and choose your points - when to score, when to pass the ball - and that's what I've been doing. I've been playing steady offense and just trying to get my team into the ballgame.

Q: How much will this team miss Ike Austin down the stretch?

A: Down the stretch, we will miss Ike a lot because he takes a lot of pressure off Alonzo Mourning. Ike played consistently all year long. We're going to miss Ike until Terry Mills comes back full force and Mashburn (comes back).

Q: Can you describe the difference between defense in the postseason and defense in the regular season? How important is defense during the playoffs?

A: With the defense in the post-season, we have tried to concentrate on what a team likes to do all the time. That's what you've got to do: analyze how a shot is taken, the primary scorers, who do they like to go to in certain situations. You can concentrate on all that, that's what film is for. Defense in the playoffs is important and you can concentrate on certain guys because it's a five- or seven-game series. You're playing against teams everyday.

Q: What is the Heat's style of defense and why are you guys able to play so effectively on that end?

A: We don't change up our defense, we keep it as steady as possible. If we're going to double the pick-and-roll, we're doubling the pick-and-roll. We don't deviate for anyone. If a guy is beating us up down low, we've got to come down and double team him and try to get it out of his hands and make somebody else beat us. That's why we're successful, because we don't deviate from our defense.

Q: Who is your best friend in sports and how did you meet him?

A: Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond. I played with them at Golden State. We keep in touch with each other, and they're my best buddies.