Alta View Hospital-

ATKIN, Luci and Jon, South Jordan, boy, March 20.

BENTLEY, Andree and Jared, Salt Lake City, girl, March 19.

BLASONGAME, Levurne and Don, West Jordan, girl, March 19.

CHANG, Lisa and Cecil, Sandy, boy, March 19.

DAILEY, Carolyn and Kenneth, Riverton, girl, March 20.

DUBOSE, Lenonnie and Grayson, Sandy, boy, March 20.

HANSON, Tami and James, Riverton, girl, March 19.

SCHOFFSTALL, Emily and Charles, Sandy, boy, March 19.

SHELLEY, Melece and Robert, Taylorsville, girl, March 19.

Columbia Ogden

Regional Medical Center-

BOGAL, Jamie and Shawn, Ogden, girl, March 10.

BRADSHAW, Shannan and Chris, North Ogden, boy, March 10.

BRAYSHAW, Bettina and Lynn, Ogden, boy, March 10.

CARTER, Georgene and Jeffery, Morgan, boy, March 9.

CREWS, Sandra and Brian, Roy, girl, March 10.

DEL RIO, Olga and Miguel, Ogden, girl, March 8.

GIFFORD, Cathy and Michael, Roy, girl, March 10.

HARROP, Megan and Dan, Clearfield, boy, March 10.

JENSEN, Rosanne and Kelly, Layton, boy, March 8.

JENSEN, Susan and Todd, Willard, Box Elder County, boy, March 9.

MILLER, Rachel and Brady, North Ogden, boy, March 8.

RASMUSSEN, Shondra and Scot, Rock Springs, Wyo., boy, March 8.

ROBINSON, Audra and Jody, Coalville, boy, March 8.

SAMPSON, Hollie and Jeromy, Ogden, boy, March 8.

STRONG, Stephanie and Kendall, Riverdale, girl, March 8.

SUMMERS, Jami and Jimmy, Elwood, Box Elder County, girl, March 9.

THORNOCK, Lara and Bruce, Evanston, Wyo., girl, March 10.

WOOD, Shawna and Jamen, Ogden, girl, March 9.

Lakeview Hospital-

DRUYON, Jennifer and Sean, Bountiful, girl, March 12.

FERRY, Cassie and Franklin, Bountiful, boy, March 14.

FRYE, Tracy and William, Farmington, boy, March 16.

HASLAM, Jill and James, Centerville, boy, March 15.

RICKS, Kathryn and Brian, Clearfield, boy, March 12.

THOMPSON, Cherish and Matthew, Farmington, girl, March 16.

URRY, Sheri and Matthew, West Bountiful, boy, March 16.

LDS Hospital-

ABRATH, Wendy and Paul, Salt Lake City, boy, March 19.

BURTON, Janette and Chad, Salt Lake City, boy, March 12.

CARTER, Jennifer and Ronald, Salt Lake City, girl, March 19.

LEJEUNE, Christine and Christopher, West Jordan, girl, March 19.

MONTOYA, Autumn, and MENA, Joe, Salt Lake City, girl, March 19.

SUTTON, Emma and Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy, March 19.

THURGOOD, Laura and Brian, Salt Lake City, girl, March 19.

TIDWELL, Sara and Allen, North Salt Lake, girl, March 19.

VALDEZ, Myrna and Robert, Salt Lake City, boy, March 19.

VANSLOOTEN, Jennifer and Paul, Draper, twins, boy and girl, March 19.

WHEELER, Keirsha and Justin, Salt Lake City, girl, March 19.