I can't believe all the garbage that is being fed the citizens of Utah regarding the Olympics.

The article of March 12-13 by Marilyn Karras just made me sick.The Olympics will be here two weeks, self-defense will go on forever.

Her article on guns was degrading. I spent over three years in World War II in my God-given right to defend this nation, I am surely not going to let one individual and especially any foreign nation tell me I can't own a weapon.

When Ms. Karras gets attacked, I sure hope a concealed weapons carrier says, "Sorry dear, my gun is not for you." Help yourself to the regular police procedures.

The lawmakers are our elected servers, not our dictators.

I love those who have taken the time to be concealed weapons carriers. I feel 100 percent safer. I help defend you, Ms. Karras, but I don't have to take your garbage.

Ed Munson