I am writing in response to Mike Cannon's recent article on gun control. I believe that there is not a problem with people carrying guns at the Olympics, as long as they have the proper permits required under U.S. law.

Granted, security should be tight and everyone attending an event should at least have to go through a metal detector to weed out nonlicensed gun carriers, but those people who are carrying a gun legally should be allowed to keep it with them. It would be nice to think that the Olympic Games mean two weeks of the world interacting peacefully and putting aside their differences, but that is not the way it is. Crooks from all over the world see it as a time when Americans will let their guard down, and they will take advantage of it. Pickpockets will have a heyday. It's bad enough trying to keep from getting robbed by one at the state fair. I don't even want to think how difficult it will be at an event a hundred times larger.Taking away someone's right to feel secure and protected for two weeks just because of international peer-pressure is ludicrous. Is the greatest nation in the world going to let itself be pushed around because it doesn't want other countries to feel uncomfortable? I sure hope not.

Nick Dorius

Copy editor

Bingham High Prospector