Police were baffled when three little girls mysteriously died six weeks apart in the same house last year. The mystery deepened when the deaths didn't stop there.

This month, Phillip Moreland - the 42-year-old grandfather of two of the dead girls - killed himself by swallowing a handful of antidepressants.He was found in his living room, lying near a Christmas tree and presents that have sat unopened since his 3-year-old granddaughter was found limp and unconscious on Christmas Eve.

A week later, Moreland's daughter Jamila Phillips - the mother of the first girl who died at the house - was killed in a car crash.

"To say `traumatized the neighborhood,' I don't think would be an overstatement," said Dan Gehres, a municipal court judge who lives down the street. "I think it's more looked at as some curse has befallen this family."

Investigators believe someone killed the little girls. No one has been charged, and police won't name a suspect. But they don't think the killer was a stranger.

"Healthy children just don't die, and these children were healthy," said Ken Betz, a spokesman for the coroner.

Moreland was not a suspect, Coroner James Davis said.

The first of the five deaths came in November, when Phillips' 1-year-old daughter, DaJainae, was found unconscious and not breathing.

Two days later, while relatives were at the house following DaJainae's funeral, her 2-year-old cousin Alexis Marshall fell ill and died. On Christmas Eve, the family headed to the hospital again - this time with Danatta Moreland, 3, who also died.