Maybe she figures she'd have friends in heavily Republican Utah, where her nemesis - President Clinton - has always fared poorly at the ballot box.

Linda Tripp - a former White House secretary who was key to publicizing Clinton's alleged misdeeds with both Monica Lewinsky and Kathleen Willey - has apparently applied to become the Army's liaison to the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.The New York Times reported that job application at the end of a lengthy feature about Tripp - but the Pentagon, where Tripp has worked recently as a civilian public affairs specialist, will not confirm it.

"The Army position is that we don't discuss people who have applied for specific jobs," Army spokesman Lt. Col. Guy Shields told the Deseret News. That came after a request for comment was punted among several Army and Department of Defense officials for two days.

Tripp has said recently she fears the military is trying to demote her for her roles in fueling the presidential scandals.

For example, the Pentagon has taken her off her regular job as the organizer of the annual Joint Civilian Orientations Conference - but has not stopped her $88,173 salary - as it investigates whether Tripp lied on a work application.

She had reported that she had never been arrested, when actually she had been, for grand theft when she was 19 years old. But a judge later dismissed charges after she contended that stolen cash and a watch were placed in her handbag by another member of a group with which she was traveling.

Tripp has also said she was originally shipped out of the White House to the Pentagon (but with a raise in pay) because she had been critical to investigators of the way it handled the suicide of counsel Vincent Foster.

Lewinsky was similarly transferred to the Pentagon from the White House. She and Tripp became friends, and Tripp tape recorded conversations where Lewinsky claimed to have an affair with Clinton.

Tripp turned those tapes over to special counsel Kenneth Starr, who had been investigating the Whitewater scandal - which led to publicizing the alleged Lewinsky affair.

When Tripp worked at the White House, she also ran into Willey as she came out of Clinton's office - and saw that her clothes were disheveled and her makeup smeared. She later reported that on the record to Newsweek magazine, which was the first public reporting of Clinton's possibly improper involvement with Willey.

Of course, Willey last weekend on "60 Minutes" described her version of how Clinton kissed and groped her as she asked for a paying job instead of the volunteer work she had been doing.

Clinton has denied doing anything improper, saying he only consoled Willey - and may have kissed her on the forehead - because her husband was missing (he committed suicide that day) and because she was facing financial difficulties.