The 911 dispatcher took the call but heard only heavy breathing. It was Sophia Loren on the line, but she couldn't answer.

Police were on the way to investigate by the time Kenosha County dispatcher Diane Chromik learned the call had somehow been placed by a 6-month-old Labrador puppy with the same name as the film star."All I could hear was panting, and the phone being moved on the floor," Chromik said.

Sophia's owner, Nancy Brady, said she had a cold and was sleeping Wednesday when the phone rang. She decided to let voice-mail answer it.

But the sound apparently intrigued the puppy, prompting her to knock the phone from the dining-room table, play with the device and somehow push the emergency numbers.

Brady woke up to the electronic tone of buttons on the phone, placed innocently between Sophia's paws. Chromik said she heard someone say "Bad dog!" and hang up.