That "Just Shoot Me" just keeps getting better and better.

Tonight's episode (7:30 p.m. on NBC/Ch. 5) is a gem. It's very funny, intriguing, a bit unexpected - and the secondary stories work just as well as the main plot.Elliott (Enrico Colantoni) is searching for a new apartment and asks Maya (Laura San Giacomo) to come along to protect him from his own impulsiveness. He comes across the perfect apartment with the perfect rent - a mere $200 a month. But the wacky landlady seems more inclined to lease him the place because she thinks Elliott and Maya are married.

Maya, being a good sport, plays along. But their acting begins to arouse real feelings between her and Elliott, as unlikely as that seems. Without giving too much away, let's just say that the script pulls that possibility out and plays it perfectly.

Elsewhere, Jack (George Segal) catches Dennis (David Spade) in a lie and decides he can no longer trust him. (And who would have thought that Segal and Spade would make such a great comedy team?)

And Maya convinces Nina (Wendie Malick) that perhaps she ought to scale back her active social life - a near impossibility.

"Just Shoot Me" is turning out to be one of the best comedies on television. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should.

NOW CUT THAT OUT: NBC's hype machine has gone into overdrive. They're calling tonight's six-sitcom lineup a "Night of a Gazillion Laughs."

Yeah, how do they know? Did they count them? Is it a gazillion even? Or is it a gazillion and three?

By the way, those six sitcoms include three reruns in addition to original episodes of "Friends," "Just Shoot Me" and "Seinfeld." (And the "Frasier" rerun is of an episode that aired less than three weeks ago!)

It was bad enough when they would pull this stuff and call it "Night of a Million Laughs," but this is ridiculous.

SPEAKING OF STUPID: The Disney Channel has been running umpteen promotions for its "special" series of "Growing Pains" reruns this week - episodes that aired during the 1991-92 season that featured Leonardo DiCaprio in a supporting role.

The Disney folks have been tying this in to "Titanic" and the upcoming Oscars. But, apparently, somebody forgot to tell them that DiCaprio isn't nominated!

HOW ODD: Universal Music recently released a CD from Universal Television's "New York Undercover" - the police drama that airs Thursday nights on Fox. It's a compilation of songs from a variety of artists and it's subtitled "A Night at Natalie's."

One of those artists is Michael DeLorenzo, who sings "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight," the old James Taylor song.

What makes this sort of odd is that Natalie's, which was sort of a hangout night spot on the series, is no longer used on the show.

What makes this odder is that DeLorenzo was fired from "New York Undercover" last summer and no longer appears on the show.

What makes this odder still is that, according to the folks at Universal, DeLorenzo recorded the song after he'd been fired.

Perhaps the people at Universal Music ought to start talking to the people at Universal Television.

SPEAKING OF ODD: Two Sundays ago, KSL-Ch. 5 did a feature on Donny Osmond and the end of his Salt Lake run in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."

After the end of the taped piece, anchorman Shannon Ogden told viewers that Osmond's next project was a new "Donny & Marie" show and that there were few facts available about it.

Then Ogden and co-anchor Nadine Wimmer both expressed how much they were looking forward to watching "Donny & Marie."

Well, let's provide a few details. First, the new show will by a syndicated daytime talk/variety show. And, here in Utah, it will be seen on KSTU-Ch. 13.

Maybe the folks at Ch. 13 could use that endorsement from the Ch. 5 anchors in their promotional campaign for "Donny & Marie."