Police used tear gas, clubs and high-pressure water hoses to subdue thousands of stone-throwing student protesters Thursday. At least 60 people were detained in the most violent of the anti-government demonstrations that began erupting on campuses weeks ago.

Organizers of the demonstration at Lampung University in Bandarlampung on Sumatra island said police also fired warning shots at the protesters.The protest turned violent when some of the several thousand students began throwing stones. As in the many other campus protests around Indonesia in recent weeks, the students were demanding the resignation of President Suharto, whom they hold responsible for the collapse of the Indonesian currency, which has caused prices to soar.

Last month, five people were killed in riots spurred by price increases.

Hundreds of anti-riot police stormed the campus, firing at least two warning shots and three volleys of tear gas, said Mahendra Utama, a law student.