Ousted Mayor Xavier Suarez said the will of the voters was subverted in favor of "complicated judicial processes" and asked a state appeals court to reconsider the ruling that removed him from office.

Suarez, tossed out of office earlier this month by a three-judge appellate panel that found absentee vote fraud, asked a state appeals court Tuesday to reconsider the ruling.The three-judge panel last week overturned a lower court's decision calling for a new election. Instead, the panel tossed out the 5,000 absentee votes in the Nov. 4 election because of absentee ballot fraud.

The decision restored Joe Carollo, the incumbent and Suarez's opponent in the election, as mayor of the city of 375,000. Carollo's attorney Kendall Coffey did not return calls Tuesday.

"The will of Miami voters was basically ignored in favor of arcane, complicated judicial processes they don't understand," Suarez said. "That has resulted in a scenario as unexpected and bizarre as anyone has ever seen."

Suarez won the absentee vote by a 2-1 margin. Carollo had a slim majority of the polling place vote.