The divorce rate makes it hard to believe, but a new poll shows that an overwhelming 88 percent of married women say they'd marry the same man again, given a chance.

The Roper poll, done for Ladies Home Journal, found only 7 percent wouldn't marry their current mates again, while the rest were undecided.Many of the women who voted against marrying the same man again said they had nothing in common with their husbands.

Folks in this part of the country may find it unnerving to hear that Midwestern women who said they would not remarry their husbands often gave this reason: "He's boring."

This latest poll tends to support one taken two years ago for the Chicago Sun-Times, which found that 77 percent of men would remarry their spouses.

All of which is interesting. But it would be even more intriguing to know something this latest poll didn't reveal. How many of the women and men questioned in these polls said they wouldn't answer because their spouses wouldn't let them?