I am writing concerning the editorial dealing with concealed weapons at the Olympics written by Mike Cannon. The fact that Utah has no law against concealed weapons is a mistake that needs to be altered. The Second Amendment allows the right to bear arms. The original purpose of the amendment was to protect oneself in the 18th century. However, the purpose of a concealed weapon now is different than it was 200 years ago.

The right to bear arms is perfectly OK in the situation of using a gun to hunt game or the like. However, that doesn't require the need to carry a concealed weapon. Concealed weapons are acceptable for law enforcers and others who protect the citizens of this country.It is true that many states, including Utah, have no law against concealed weapons. There hasn't been a need before now to make any such law. However, the need is quickly presenting itself. The Olympics are a time when many countries gather to celebrate what they have in common. Unfortunately, there are those who use such an opportunity to make a statement by setting off bombs or opening fire at Olympic venues. It is a sure way to get the world's attention.

I wish we could ignore the fact, but if one looks into the history of the Olympics, it is plain to see that such terrorist acts are apparent. Allowing concealed weapons at the Olympics is inviting a terrorist to act. Tight security is a necessity at the Olympics. This is not possible without banning the right to have concealed weapons at the Olympics.

As witnessed at previous Olympics, people don't need concealed weapons. Even those who use guns in their Olympic sport can live without having a weapon with them at all times. For the safety of the people, concealed weapons need to be banned from the Olympics.

Maurianne Dunn

The Prospector, Bingham High School