Indonesia on Wednesday expelled controversial American journalist Allan Nairn after he entered the country despite being blacklisted by au-thori-ties.

"After about five hours of interrogation, I was put on a flight to Singapore," Nairn told Reuters by telephone after arriving in the city state. "I plan to now to go to the United States."Indonesian immigration authorities had earlier asked Nairn to accompany them to immigration service headquarters on Wednesday morning.

An immigration department spokesman said he was not immediately able to confirm Nairn's expulsion although a U.S. embassy spokesman said earlier the Indonesian government had told the mission it was expelling Nairn.

Nairn said he had been shown the blacklist order.

"They also showed me an English copy of the criminal code showing that violation of a banning order carried a penalty of six years and said that would apply in the future," he said.

Nairn, who is also part of the Justice For All human rights group, held a news conference at his central Jakarta hotel on Tuesday that received wide coverage.

He used the session to call for an end to U.S. military assistance to the Indonesian armed forces.