Because of the 2002 Olympics, we, the people of Utah, have to have a lot of things crammed down our throats. Because of the Olympics, we have to have this. Because of the Olympics, we have to do that. Because of the Olympics, we might have to pay more taxes?

Now some want to use the Olympics as an excuse for more gun-control laws, particularly for those 15,000, give or take a few hundred, who have a concealed carry permit.Why is there so much concern over such a nonproblem? Gov. Leavitt, President Beattie, Sen. Steiner, can you come up with any incident in regard to a person legally carrying a gun, huh? I didn't think so. Why do you not trust the citizens of your state?

Gov. Leavitt, this is not a "liberal" law, this is a good law that allows the people of Utah to use their inalienable rights.

Mr. Steiner, why do we have to make changes for the world? Let the world come to Utah and see us for what we are. A great place to live, a great place to raise a family. A place where we can feel safe. A place where the citizens love and cherish their freedom. So why should we have to conform our laws to match the "liberal, politically correct" laws of the world. Let us protect and preserve our heritage.

Besides, who says all 15,000 concealed carry permit holders are going to show up at the Olympic venues? I don't think all of the spectators at the Olympics will be armed as Jerry Spangler, in his March 4 article, suggests. I do think all 15,000 of those law-abiding citizens are smarter than you give them credit for.

To President Lane Beattie, who "doesn't think it is appropriate to carry guns into Olympics venues": I don't think it is appropriate for you, or anyone else, to infringe on any freedom of the people of Utah.

Please let's stop kicking this "concealed carry" horse to death.

Michael Sanderson

West Jordan