Boris Yeltsin's latest illness has forced postponement of this week's summit of presidents of former Soviet republics, officials said Tuesday.

The president, who fell sick with a respiratory infection and a sore throat last week, had been expected to stick to his busy schedule this week despite his illness.But all of Yeltsin's meetings were canceled for the week, and the postponement of the summit indicated the president was not recovering as quickly as had been previously reported.

Yeltsin remained "partially bedridden" and was taking antibiotics at his suburban residence, Gorky-9, west of Moscow, the Kremlin's press service said Tuesday.

"As usual, he was very eager to attend the (summit) meeting," Valentin Yumashev, chief of the presidential administration, was quoted as saying by the ITAR-Tass news agency. "But he has a severe cold, a bad cough, and there's a danger of complications."

Thursday's summit in Moscow was to include most or all of the 12 presidents in the Commonwealth of Independent States, a loose grouping of the former Soviet republics.

The meeting was originally planned for December but had to be postponed because Yeltsin was suffering from a bad cold. It was rescheduled for January, and delayed again until March. The leaders are now aiming for the end of April.

To speed his recovery, Yeltsin's doctors told him to have plenty of warm drinks and take cough medicines and drugs that would help his breathing.