The Utah Arts Council (UAC) Folk Arts Program has selected eight traditional and/or ethnic master artists to participate in the 1998-99 Folk Art Apprenticeship Project. The grant program offers financial support to artists sharing a their cultural background through instruction.

Beginning in April, master artists, practicing a wide range of traditional arts, will teach their skills to selected students. Project grant amounts range from $500 to $2,000 and each activity will last from 3 to 12 months.Grant recipient are: Sally Black and Susie Bitsini, for advanced Navajo basket weaving; Paul Bouck and Jacob Paul McMichael, for saddlemaking; Michael Canlas and Manny Evangelista, for performance of Filipino musical instruments; William Lee and Melissa Lee, for Chinese paper cutting; Rios Alex Pacheco, Jacqueline ReNee Nye and Nino Reyos, for Native American regalia making; DeWitt Palmer and Matt Bailey, for rawhide braiding; George Renner and Don Swensen, for hand carpentry; and Clara Silva and Michelle Silva, for learning music.

For more information about these projects call the Folk Arts Program of the UAC at 801-533-5760.