I am responding to the recent incident involving the "State Championship" Provo High School ball club. The article dated March 11 stated, "Provo administrators were furious and did not approve of how their players were handled." Well, excuse me.

When you place yourselves in such a situation, i.e., violating someone else's rights rummaging through personal belongings and then stealing, I'm afraid you lose your right to be escorted "privately" to waiting police cars.These players and administrators forgot they were guests at the University of Utah, and they were supposed to be representing their schools and fellow students in the state tournament and that they violated that trust and honor. There is more to be learned here than just winning the title. Coach Drury called these violators "great kids." It seems to me more than basketball needs to be taught here.

It is unfortunate that a few mindless members of this team chose to bring such a black eye to their fellow teammates, students and community members. I hope this is handled appropriately by the Provo coach, administrators and parents at Provo High. But it is my guess that the "humiliating police escort out of the Huntsman Center" may act as a deterrent to future crime in and of itself.

Meridee McDermott