Dear Lois: This is in response to the letter from the woman in her 40s whose 50-ish husband has her stuck in a small town in a nowhere place. She wonders what to do with her life because, although he is nice but boring (and their sex life is nonexistent), she recognizes his good qualities.

She might learn that he is not communicating a lot more than his feelings if she could find a way to open his mind. He may be keeping some secrets and heartaches she never dreamed can happen to men over 50 (such as medical conditions that can affect sexuality). If that's the problem, they might seek some counsel.- A Man on the Internet

Dear A: Thanks for the advice to that woman. And my thanks for reminding me that many problems we consider behavioral have their roots in physical conditions. Incidentally, that letter from a reader produced a lot of responses (with readers' advice going from getting a gun and joining her husband on hunting trips to getting out while she's young and good-looking).

Your advice was the only one that presented a totally new view, however.

Dear Lois: My 3-year-old great-granddaughter found her mom's razor on the side of the bathtub and decided to shave her armpits. Naturally she cut herself, not badly, but she did bleed a bit. She enjoyed telling the story to anyone who would listen. When she healed, we all forgot about it. Two months later, as her mom was preparing to give her a bath, the little girl spotted Mom's razor on the tub. With hands on hips, she looked up at her mom and asked, "Don't you think you ought to put this up? I might play with it again."

- Thelma

Dear Thelma: Nothing like a story on the cutting edge to end the day. Thanks.

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