MEXICO CITY - The body of an elderly Jesuit priest, kidnapped nine months ago and for whom a $300,000 ransom was paid, was found in a working class neighborhood of Mexico City, a church-run human rights group said.

MEXICO CITY - President Ernesto Zedillo said he would send his own bill to Congress on Sunday to try to break the stalemate over how to bring peace to the troubled southern state of Chiapas.


JAKARTA - President Suharto announced Indonesia's new Cabinet, naming Ginanjar Kartasasmita as the country's top economic minister as it battles its worst financial crisis in decades.

United Nations

Afghanistan's religious Taliban government will not allow foreign Muslim women working for U.N. and private agencies to enter the country unless accompanied by a close male relative, U.N. sources said.


PORT OF SPAIN - Security forces remained on high alert after black Muslims called for mediation by the nation's deputy prime minister to resolve a bitter land dispute with the government.

Sierra Leone

FREETOWN - A soldier accidentally dropped a missile, causing a powerful explosion at an army compound used by the West African intervention force in Sierra Leone's capital. Three people were killed.


KATMANDU - Authorities need stiffer penalties to combat Maoist guerrillas whose 2-year-old insurgency in Nepal has left more than 200 people dead, police said Friday.


PORT-AU-PRINCE - A U.S. church group protested in front of the American Embassy on Friday, demanding the removal of 4,000 tons of allegedly toxic ash dumped in Haiti a decade ago.


COPENHAGEN - A member of the Bandidos bike gang was sentenced to life in prison for firing an anti-tank grenade into a Hells Angels clubhouse, killing two and injuring 19 people.


NICOSIA - Shots were fired across the U.N. buffer zone between Turkish and Greek Cypriot forces on this divided island, a U.N. peackeeping official said. No one was hurt in the shooting, said U.N. official Peter Schmitz.


ROME - Restorers said they hope to begin work in a few weeks on quake-damaged frescoes in the upper church of St. Francis Basilica in Assisi. They will piece together the frescoed ceiling from 50,000 fragments the size of postage stamps.

ROME - The United States told Italy that it will not surrender jurisdiction over the investigation into the cable car accident involving an American fighter jet that killed 20 people.


CLUJ - An Orthodox archbishop handed over an ancient cathedral to Eastern Rite Catholics just hours after hundreds of followers of the two faiths brawled, disrupting a Lent service and toppling the communion table.


MADRID, Spain (AP) - A prominent Basque politician has proposed that Basque separatists stop their killings while political parties in Spain work out an agreement on the troubled region.


BOGOTA - At least five Colombian soldiers were killed and two were wounded in clashes with leftist rebels in a turbulent zone south of the capital.