Rather than ask for a new public works building, officials here are willing to settle for a remodel and a move.

Recently appointed public works director and former city administrator Frank Mills says there are a couple of options on the table.The building department staff could be moved into the basement space in the City Hall on 70 S. 100 East. Growth in the city is creating stress on the planning and zoning department and a serious need for more space.

Moving into City Hall would make access for the public much easier, Mills said. "It would be more convenient because everything would be in one location."

An elevator would have to be installed to make the lower floor accessible to the handicapped.

The public works building, which is actually the old Stone Construction Steel building purchased six years ago, would not be remodeled any further.

City officials earlier asked architect Dianne Egbert to evaluate the public works building and define what it might cost to upgrade it.

Egbert turned in plans that would include a face lift for the exterior of the building, some office rearrangement and some addition of space at a cost between $400,000 and $450,000. A second floor could be added.

All of that is on hold, Mills said, until the new council decides whether to make changes at City Hall or not.