By the year 2015, the Pleasant Grove Library will need to be five times as big as it is now with three times the collection, according to the head librarian and the library board chairman.

The population will have increased to around 40,000, and public demand will have grown along with the number of users, outstripping the resources.The collection will need to include 129,000 books, 5,000 recordings, 150 periodical titles and 150 titles in periodical storage.

Housing the collection will require a total area of 29,939 square feet.

Right now, $5,000 for a feasibility study will do, said library board chairman Doug Crandall and head librarian April Walker.

Crandall and Walker presented their case to the mayor and City Council at a work session Tuesday. Crandall said the library currently is overutilized and underfunded.

In 1997, nearly 93,000 people visited the library, and the collection of 40,863 items was checked out an average of three times over. More than 13,000 children were involved in 296 programs sponsored by the library.

The usage rate puts Pleasant Grove's library among the busier libraries in the state, Crandall said.

At the same time, a telephone survey conducted by the Friends of the Library showed that Pleasant Grove residents think the library is too small, with too few books, is technologically behind the times and should be remodeled or expanded into a new building.

"At this point, we're open to options and suggestions," Crandall said. "We want to have the money to examine the needs and the opportunities."

Crandall said conservative estimates put Pleasant Grove's population at just above 40,000 by 2015. That doesn't count the users from Lindon, the Manila township or from Cedar Hills, he said.

Councilman Freeman Andersen said he believes the population projections represent only about two-thirds of the actual number the city can expect. And that would change all of the other estimates.

"I sure wouldn't want to build a library that's too small," he said.

The current library has approximately 6,000 square feet of space, Crandall said, and the building is in its 10th year of use.

Councilman Lewis Church said it might be useful to look at where technology is going and weigh the amount of space that's needed against what technology might eliminate.

"You can put a lot of books on a CD-ROM," he said.

Mayor Ed Sanderson said no money can be appropriated for a study until after the new fiscal year begins in July.

"We are aware of the need," he said. "I believe we should try and fund the study."

Walker said the same architectural firm that is designing American Fork's new library would be suitable to do the study in Pleasant Grove because it specializes in library buildings.