Since the new snack foods made with olestra have hit the shelves in Salt Lake City, my family, friends and co-workers have been enjoying these low-fat, fat-free, guilt-free potato and corn chip treats. These chips are not only delicious but give me, the consumer, an opportunity to select for myself what I feel is a healthier snack choice.

It has been very interesting to hear all the controversy over these new products and then to read the editorial column by Michael Jacobson in the Deseret News, Feb. 21. His suggestion of not buying any products made with olestra or even to boycott other Proctor and Gamble products is absolutely ludicrous.How many millions of American consumers have had reactions to certain foods such as chocolates, milk, eggs, nuts and many more? Don't you think we are intelligent enough to know if a product has caused us cramping, hives, asthma, loose stools or any other negative reaction that we shouldn't eat it? At least the manufacturers of these new snacks warn us on the back of its packaging what may happen if we have a reaction. It also includes the assurance they have added all four fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, which may be lost should you have a problem.

Keeping all these facts in mind, I believe we all have a responsibility not to blame others because we have chosen to overindulge in whatever it is we are eating. Moderation is always the best policy with what we put into our bodies.

As for my family (including small grandchildren) and friends, we will continue to enjoy these new products and want others out there to know, we have not experienced any of the side effects that may be keeping you from trying them.

Char Peterson

Salt Lake City